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Nancy J. Di Dia is an ICF Professional Certified Coach executive with more than 35 years of experience. Based in the Greater New York Area, she has been leading and developing talent globally, including Fortune 100 companies.

Nancy’s main focus is facilitating solutions and insights for her clients, with her career spanning:

Financial Services



Retail Banking




Information Technology

Nancy J. Di Dia

Nancy is a certified diversity and inclusion executive and the former chief diversity and inclusion officer for a global pharmaceutical firm. She holds various board positions at the national and local levels in the northeastern United States. She is an active Board Member of the Connecticut Governor’s Prevention Partnership, which builds statewide capacity to prevent underage drinking and substance abuse. The organization also builds strategic alliances to promote the overall well-being of Connecticut’s future workforce.

Nancy is a sought-after coach; her ease of interacting with others and her diverse global experiences make her a true model of authenticity.

Client Testimonials

Andrea L. Briscoe, JD, PCC

Career Coach/Executive Coach/Human Resource Architect/DEI&B Strategist

“I know Nancy’s work as an Executive Coach and Leadership partner. Nancy is knowledgeable, intuitive and extremely insightful. She manages to uniquely blend her understanding of the corporate environment with the vision of a leader and champion of diversity and inclusion. Her emotional intelligence skills are on the mark and her ability to show skill-based empathy create a wonderful blend of skill and talent to move any leader to the next level. Nancy is a powerful coach and a gift to anyone lucky enough to work with her.”

Nadine A.

Chief Diversity/Equity and Inclusion Officer at Cushman & Wakefield

“Nancy is an amazing coach and mentor. Her command of navigating the political landscape in a complex corporate environment and her thought leadership in diversity and inclusion sets her apart from the rest. She is a superior advocate who provided tremendous support and guidance in my professional journey which has helped me to fully embrace my passion as a career.”

David W. Nurnberger

Retired Chief Human Resources Officer

Among her many skills, I see the following competencies that set Nancy apart from others and makes her an excellent executive coach. Outstanding listening skills, very strong business acumen, years of experience in the diversity and inclusion field, and a commitment to success on both an individual and organizational level.
Leadership Concept

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Leadership C-Suite
  • Brain-Based Coaching
  • Change Management, Agility, Resilience, and Empathy
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Inclusive Leadership, New Leader and Cultural Integration
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Meeting and Panel Facilitations
  • Simulations/Role-Playing
People at a Seminar

Signature Strengths

  • Recognized Thought Leader
  • Executive Coaching
  • U.S. and Global Program Design, Development, and Deployment Innovator
  • Novel and Innovative Approaches
  • Stakeholder Buy-In
  • Challenges the Status Quo
  • CEO, Board, and Executive Leadership Team Influence
  • M&A and Multicultural Integration
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Change Management
  • Leadership That Builds a Following
  • Cost-Effective Solutions