People Around the World

An Executive Coach for Leaders Worldwide

One of Di Dia Diversity Consulting Group LLC’s key focus areas is helping organizations and executives harness their talents across the divides of gender, generations, sexual orientation, geography and culture, and gender identity and expression.

As an executive coach, you can rely on our array of coaching services, including:

  • Executive Leadership C-Suite

    • We help guide and navigate executives recently appointed or currently challenged with everyday situations. 
  • Brain-Based Coaching

    • We provide coaching founded on neuroscience regarding navigating our behaviors and actions in the workplace.
  • Change Management, Agility, Resilience, and Building Multicultural Teams

    • We specialize in building capabilities for resilience, inclusion, equity, culture change, and social justice.
  • Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Integration

    • Our team defines the challenges and benefits of inclusive leadership and health equity in our markets and the communities we serve.
  • Courageous Conversations

    • We are highly skilled in hosting, moderating, and facilitating difficult and courageous conversations on various social topics.
  • Meeting and Panel Facilitation

    • We take charge of the overall panel design, development, preparation, and implementation of specialized panel discussions.
  • Simulations/Role-Playing

    • We conduct real-time situational role-playing using real cases for today’s real-life circumstances.
  • Speaking

    • We conduct TEDx-style talks on various topics, including women in leadership, belonging, psychological safety, health equity, self-esteem, etc.
  • Panel Planning, Coordination, and Meeting Facilitation

    • We perform organizational and cultural interventions and focus group design and development on employee- or patient-related topics.